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Date: Wed, 29 May 91 10:51:31 EDT
From: Nancy Everson <everson[at]-remove-BBN.COM>
Subject: upcoming release?

> From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
> Date: Tue, 14 May 91 12:33:28 EST
> this conversation is on a 90minute interview tape from
> milwaukee 1989, but i dont have a copy right now. (nancy? :-)

Sorry to take so long to respond, but Craig and I have been "on
holiday", as they say. Yes, I indeed have the aforementioned
interview on tape, thanks to David. Tell you guys what -- within
the next month, I hope to get completely caught up on my tape
trading activities, and update my bootleg lists (I'm over a year
behind on that). When I do that, I'll post the list, and start
actively trading JBC tapes.

In the meantime, I actually have some JBC news!

Craig and I recently discovered we like The Wedding Present, and as we were
heading over to Paris and England for a well-deserved 18 day vacation, Craig
said, "Wouldn't it be great if we could see the Wedding Present?" I agreed.

Turns out they were doing a small tour, and we got to see them last Saturday
at the Brixton Academy in London (Buffalo Tom opened). It was a really good
show, though a bit short - 50 minutes, no encore. I had brought my Cult
of the Basement tour shirt on the trip, and wore it that night. After the
show, a guy came up to me and asked me if I liked the Jazz Butcher. He was
astounded that he found someone in England who did, but then he found out
we're Americans, and wasn't so surprised. Anyway, it turns out this guy
does graphic art stuff for Creation Records, and he said that he'd just
finished up some stuff for a new record. He told us the title, but I didn't
quite hear it, and can't remember now. The only thing I really remember is
something about some weird German stuff on the liner notes, and something
being attributed to "von Butcher". He said it should be available within
the next two months.

Sorry for the lack of details, but after two pints of cider and being bounced
around in the pit for three or four songs, I wasn't in complete possession
of my faculties at the time.

The guy (Pete Mays, I think) promised to send me some information about a
fan club, and remarked that he has some "really good" bootlegs, so I'll let
you know more when I hear from him.

So Craig, if you can fill in any details, please do so!


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