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Date: Wed, 29 May 91 21:36:13 -0400
From: Craig Kolb <craig[at]>
Subject: upcoming release

> Anyway, it turns out this guy
> does graphic art stuff for Creation Records, and he said that he'd just
> finished up some stuff for a new record. He told us the title, but I didn't
> quite hear it, and can't remember now. The only thing I really remember is
> something about some weird German stuff on the liner notes, and something
> being attributed to "von Butcher". He said it should be available within
> the next two months.

He said the title was "The Black Egg", and that the cover art consisted
of a bowl of caviar and a sticker saying something like, "Written by
von Butcher". He said that he couldn't figure out why there were
obviously veiled references to Pat's True Identity on at least the
cover of the record.

He also said that the album was full of songs with strange titles,
including one that had something to do with British Petroleum (or
was it just "British oil"? It was hard to hear...)


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