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Date: Thu, 30 May 91 11:33:55 CDT
From: beaulieu[at] (Falls on Floor)
Subject: The Wedding Present

Anyone else besides Craig and Nancy and me like the Wedding
Present? I have many excellent quality tapes of Wedding Present
shows. The best is probably from Lounge Ax in Chicago last
February. Their new single is pretty good, and if the material
they played at their last Chicago show is any indication of
the quality of their new album (due to be out this week, I hear)
it probably won't leave my turntable until "The Black Egg"
comes out.

Speaking of Von Butcher...

Reverend Botus just gave me yet another KCRW tape with
a sort of mix of JBC, Blue Aeroplanes, and various combinations
of the two. It was recorded the day that Thatcher resigned,
and contains the one JBC hardcore song entitled "You Cunt", andf
dedicated to Mrs. Thatcher. Pat did not want it recorded, and
Martin assured him that the tape player was off. It also has a
n acoustic "Sweet Jane" with Pat and Gerard, three or four attempts
at "Crocodile Tears" with just Pat and Alex Green, and lots of
very short covers of really bad 70's songs. For me, the highlight
is when they are attempting a cover of a song called "If"(?) and
pat sings "If a face can launch a thousand ships, then why can't
I launch you..." I vaguely remember the song, but I don't think
that that is the line. Pretty sick stuff.


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