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Date: Thu, 30 May 91 11:43:58 EST
From: del[at] (David A Whittemore)
Subject: upcoming release

well, well.

the Black EG is, as was pointed out in a previous interview
posting, the band of the von dämmerung brothers from
vienna (hi alex!) which pat has been producing.

last time over pat was saying how, unlike other bands might
sample a nice james brown drum beat, the black eg would
sample the spacemen 3. all these guys *must* sleep
together. that, or UK/Europe is about the size of one
city block!

speaking of the spacemen 3... joe, i found a copy of
the new sonic boom 7"er. very tasteful clear mixed with
yellow and blue vinyl. the label is: sympathy for the record
industry, and the label says "play at any speed".
its a geetar drone-thang. would sound good with a nice
beat mixed over the of of it :-)

anyway. good work commrades!


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