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Date: Sat, 1 Jun 91 16:33:28 CDT
From: beaulieu[at] (Falls on Floor)
Subject: The JBC 1990 San Francisco Show

A fragment of the above mentioned show has found it's way
from the collection of the Reverend Botus Whiteblood Flemming
(a.k.a. Martin Stebbing) into my greedy little paws. The high-
lights are some good audience banter, a version of "Caroline
Wheeler" with five guitars, and an acoustic rendidtion of Bob
Dylans "Crocodile Tears". Pat says that he wants to live
somewhere where he can wear a cowboy hat, and asks for some-
one to volunteer their apartment. Lawrence bemoans the loss
(theft) of his lobster. Actually, he says "I lost my lobster
in San Francisco" ("I left my heart in San Francisco") I'll
see if I can dig up the rest of the show from Martin' tape
case. It's probably there somewhere.


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