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Date: Wed, 3 Jul 91 11:12:30 CDT
From: beaulieu[at] (Falls on Floor)
Subject: New JBC album

I just talked to Martin who just got a message from Pat. I guess
that the new JBC album is ready for shipment, since Julian just
sent Martin a cd of it. I guess the incarnation of the JBC from the
last tour is still intact, since Julian and Paul both play on it.

I don't think that it is called "The Black Eg" though. I think that
maybe the guy that Nancy talked to in England got the band
"The Black Eg" which is produced by Pat confused with the new
JBC album. I mean the album by "The Black Eg" has a black cover
and makes veiled references to the Jazz Butcher. But there
definitely is a new JBC album, and for all I know it could be out
right now. I'm tempted to make a call to Creation to find out the
release date.


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