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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 91 11:41:24 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: chat with pat

i spoke with pat over the weekend and the butcher man hasnt
been doing too well. i may transcribe highlights of our conversation,
but in summary:

o yes! the new album has been completed, and it is "cult of
* the basement 2." julian, alex lee (of the aeroplanes) and
* laurence (!) play guitar. paul is still playing drums
* (at least in the studio). about a dozen musicians showed up on it
* and he was fretting over the credits when we talked.

o pat has been playing small shows in london which he describes as
* being "very spacemen". lots and lots of delay and very little
* beat. he is very proud of this latest sound, but has yet to
* record it for release.

o next week he will be recording an EP with richard formby.
* so perhaps he *is* about to record the new sound, as richard
* has been producing the telescopes and other grunge bands.

o the tour. nothing definite, but possibly before december.
* even then, he is not sure what he wants to perform - the traditional
* new cult material or the new stuff he has been doing.
* he is going to be over in the states visiting in august.

o pat had just returned from the west coast where he did some
* vocal work with the blue aeroplanes. he is almost certain,
* however that all his stuff will be cut.

o the Black Eg. all the delay effects on the Black Eg record are pats
* guitar delay pedal before it blew up upon his return to england
* in january. so he calls the Black Eg alum the "solo record for
* my guitar pedal". apparently, the guitar pedal wasnt the only
* thing to go to pieces in january. he laughed manically at the thought
* that he recorded during this time. in england, the Black Eg
* record is plastered with "Von Jazz Butcher" stickers. pat wanted
* his involvement not to be known, so the stickers pissed him off.
* the A C Lionheart (ha!) who wrote the liner notes is, of course, pat.

thats all i can remember right now.
off on a road trip to philadelphia in about an hour, i will
see if there is anything i forgot when i get back.

happy 5th of july.

"a girl is an animal with long pointy horns" - vergiftung

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