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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 91 12:41:52 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: Spacemen 3 Record

I was just in my local hip record store, and they had a really cool
new Spacemen 3 record. It is a single album with lots of rare b
sides and demos and stuff. Its packaged in a double album package,
and in the fold out area there is a complete discography, including
common bootlegs. (It even lists the "Taking Drugs to Make Music to
Take Drugs To" bootleg!) It also has an essay by some music critic
guy about the Spacemen. The front and back covers are made up of a
sort of collage of all of the Spacemen 3 album covers. Inside is this
little fold out thing with the song list and all these pictures of
the band. It was made in Belgium, but it doesn't say who put it out.
Its called "Losing Touch With Your Mind". The thing is that only 1500
were pressed, and only 500 were imported.

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