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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 91 12:20:22 -0500
From: del[at]
Subject: where can I get the "spooky" cd-single?

stewart asks:
> ...anybody have any idea where I might
> lay my hands on the "Spooky" Canadian CD-single (or equivalent 12", if
> there is one...I think I remember del saying there was). I tried
> ordering it from a local store about a year or so ago, but no luck...

i havent seen many in *my* part of the world (midwest USofA) in awhile,
but that particular release, being canadian, is pretty easy to get
in the toronto area. can anyone help stewart out with this one?

a note about the spooky 12" - it does NOT include all the tastey
"brave new waves" studio session songs that the CD does. plus,
and this is uncommon - the 12er sounds worse than the CD. usually,
the vinyl version of creation releases have a better dynamic range
than their shaving mirror counterparts.

dangerous rumour: deerkiller reports that a friend in NYC has spotted
a "new" JBC release. its possible that she just saw _edwards closet_,
but everyone should be on the lookout anyway.

since speaking with mr fish over a month ago, i have heard not a peep.
martin reports as of two weeks ago that pat was in ireland.
its getting to be that time of year again. i hope the JBC wheels
roll soon.

how has everyone been? gagged?

"you tie me up and i dont want to disengage"

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