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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 91 17:21:03 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: news from the front room

i just talked with my friend scott in new jersey.
over the weekend, scott called pat and discussed things. in summary:

pat just came back from the west coast where he
ok, ladies and gents - why wasnt this general knowledge? back from the
land of bliss, scott said pat seemed in a really good mood.

the new album was expected to be released in the UK in about
*3 weeks*, which doesnt not jibe with the Reckless Records Chicago story.
he didnt even know what the cover would look like. it seems things were
held up because they had to call him to check the song credits..
"WHO else would get credit for this?" expect a record full of long
_pineapple tuesday_-esqueness. fine with *me*.
richard formby appears on guitar again, alex green on sax.

upcoming for the poppets in france: pat will be touring there around the
20th of october. i may try to get european tour dates out of him myself
so that the '91 tour is documented (right, joe?)
bad news for the rest of us - he does NOT have a US tour planned as of last
weekend. he said that he may hold out until next summer.

other things.. he loves the new primal scream album (on creation, naturally).
paul mulreany is playing drums for the blue aeroplanes. richard formby
is still working with sonic from the spacemen 3.

second hand news, i know, but news nonetheless..

"keeping curtains closed"

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