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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 91 18:41:41 EDT
From: woj[at] (woj)
Subject: let's try this again...

forgot about the pasture bit the first time through with this...

del[at] (de l`abattoir) sez:
>pat just came back from the west coast where he OPENED FOR ROBYN HITCHCOCK.

neat. that is a good thing (tm) cos that show that robyn did on the west
coast was a promotional type of show, where the majority of the audience
(if not all of it) was record and radio industry people (robyn is trying
to push the new record on aor if he can - or a&m is - or both of them are).

presently have a copy of the "spooky" cd in my possesion - i have to return
it to the rightful owner eventually, but the one quick listen i've had
so far (finally!) was promising...and the sessions from brave new waves
are great.

so that is what brant bambury looks like. and he sings too? wow...never
would have thought that after listening faithfully for three years when i
lived nigh to the great white north.

woj[at] - smou/dj-for-hire - cutting out a silouette of dreams

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