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Date: Tue, 22 Oct 91 19:06:16 -0700
From: frendli[at]-remove-cats.UCSC.EDU
Subject: jbc fanclub

My name is Arik Florimonte, i've been a fan since about summer '88... and
fortuneately there was a large backlog of jbc music to keep myself amused,
bnut lately i have felt a loss of good things to come from the man...
I have all the import and domestic albums, except bathofbacon, which i will very
shortly be able to tape, i'm set there. I don't have any of his singles, but
if i'm not mistaken, many of those songs have been on complilations.(?)
my favourite album would have to be DistressedGF. I missed a chance to see the
jbc on their fishcotheque tour, but saw them on their bpsp tour, and passed on
the cult of the b. tour, although i had originally planned to follow them around
california. it just fell through.
When i saw them at the Roxy in hollywood on the bpsp tour, my friends and i
managed to hang around and meet Lawrence O'Keefe and get on the guest list the
following night. That was certainly a high point, although a lot of it has
faded from memory. I remember him being fascinated by the Lakers and saying
that the next album was going to be the really good, one, no, not the next one
but the one after that. I hope he didn't mean Edward's closet (what a ripoff.)
We realized later that we came very close to being invited to stay at their
hotel with them. We told Lawrence that we had driven down from Santa Cruz to
see them and LA and he was concerned that we didn't have a place to stay. we of
course didn't think to say no, and told him we were sleeping in the car.
I always wondered what would have happened.


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