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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 91 21:51:25 -0800
From: frendli[at]-remove-cats.UCSC.EDU
Subject: hello and stuff.

I was thinking, the most exciting mail i get are the ones from the jbcfanclub,
so i thought i'd add my two bits to the discussion.

first, you all probably have access to this, but I have a tape of David J., Max,
& op jones on <snap> KCRW Los Angelese from two summers ago. It's taped off
the air and not necessarily that interesting, but it is MORE STUFF.
I think they do 'fingers in the grease', 'the grass is always greener' and (i
think) a (john cale?) cover-- 'antarctica starts here'.

Also, i've got a friend in my dorm who's convinced that he's going to be the
next guitar player for the JBC. He wants me to send notice along to butch of
that. I used to think i was going to be their next bass player...
And that got me to thinking, that probably a lot of us have musical talents. I
realize that with our small number that you aren't likely to live around here,
but i'm just itchin' to play some tunes since my old band just broke up.
unlikely, but if in Santa Cruz, CA area, email frendli[at]

I've taken up enough bytes, methinks.
And be sure to pass it along to Pat if you see him that there is a guitarist
(and a bassist) here that would do nicely.


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