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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 91 11:18:00 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: Got it

Well, I just picked up "Condition Blue" this weekend. Nine songs, 55 minutes.
Those of you with calculators can average it out. But anyway, the songs are
looooooooong. I am going to reserve judgement on it until later in the week,
as is our gracious host Devoid (who zipped up here from Purdue when he heard
that I had found it). My reason is that JBC albums usually take a while to
grow on me. There are three songs on the new album that totally blew me away,
and there is only one that I can say that I really don't like, and there are
some tracks that are difficult at first listen. But then again, I was really
ambivalent about Distressed Gentlefolk, Fishcotecqhe, BigScarey, and Cult O'
the Basement the first time I heard them as well. So both Devoid and I are
going to give it several more listens before we actually post a real review.
I'd really like to hear what anyone else who manages to stumble onto it has
to say about it. But it is definitely worth getting, even if it is just for
"Racheland". Later, y'all.

Der Deerkiller

"I think the man next door is having a nervous breakdown
* Sounds like he's me in there
* Don't know if I believe you care"

-from "Racheland"

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