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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 91 16:16:35 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: burning blue heart

> Are there any really good guitar solos on it?

in the sense that a spacemen 3 record would have a really good guitar solo.
as deerkiller pointed out, the songs are rather _onion field_-ish in feel,
with a guitar "presence" more than a guitar lead. _shes a yo-yo_ (which is
my least fave track) is traditional staight up no chaser rock ala
_line o death_.

i *like* the over-production, especially on _filth_ with female backup
and crowd screams mixed in. pat is experimenting and even if the results
are not perfect, they are listenable and a new approach to the 'D' chord.
he has grown musically since _big planet_. isnt that what its about?

deeklicker is right. _racheland_ is a fabulous "my cat was just squashed
by a car right in front of me" song of lost lurve and desparation and
determination. emotionally complex as _angels_.

> any potential classics that groups of drunk people will howl together
> at parties while desparately hanging on one another?

the entire album. honestly. i find that i can put it on and let it
work into my brain where it finds a nice niche that says "lets get drunk
and cry some, if theres a shoulder i will take, if not, fuck off".
the album has a mood unlike any of the other recent albums.
i recommend it soley on that fact.
did that answer your question?

> is anyone else a fan of Nikki Sudden's Robespierre's Velvet basement album?
> He also has another good one... this was early Glass..

i have a bit of nikki suddens work which i like alot. even more upfront
drinking sorrow music. reaching for a jbc tie-in,
the german band M Walking On The Water has a tune called _love_
on which both pat fish and nikki sudden sit in.
jbc-list alex can answer questions about M...

"its almost brooklyn"

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