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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 91 14:39:48 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: Pus Filled Blue Heart

Yeah, that's kind of gross, but that is what it looks like at 4 AM after too
much vodka. But, to the point...

Maybe I was a little to harsh on the production of Condition Blue, but I still
think that some of my criticism is warrented. Those last 10 seconds of Harlan,
with the loud echoy sighing background vocals really bugs me. A friend of mine
put it best when she said, "what's this? fuckin' Christmas music?". But it is
still a great tune, and I can't seem to get it out of my head today, esp. the
part where he keeps singing "you know all about it, you know all about it...".

I think that I am going to call pat this weekend and try to set up a time to
do the phone interview thing for the radio show. Between now and the time I
do the interview I have to decide what I am going to play so I can ask him about
the specific songs. In the interview I am going to concentrate on old songs and
on his future plans. I will try to avoid talking about the songs on this record
. I can see it now:

Q- So, what insprired you to write Racheland?
A- Well, I got divorced, had a nervous breakdown, and I was contemplating
* death.

Q- And what inspired you to write "Still and All"?
A- Well, I got divorced, had a nervous breakdown, and I was contemplating
* death.

Q- And what about "Harlan"

...and so on.

On my radio show this week, I played something off of Asylum Road by the
Perfect Disaster. It completely blew away anything I had heard by them
before, and the song I played sounded like a blueprint for Girl Go.

And speaking of Girl Go, I guess there won't be a single this time around.
But if there was 1) what would it be, and 2) what SHOULD it be. The only
reason I ask is that I remember David saying that Pineapple Tuesday should have
been the single off of Basement. I think it should have been Sister Death.



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