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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 91 16:29:26 -0800
From: frendli[at]-remove-cats.UCSC.EDU
Subject: since i haven't heard

the new album yet (i've only seen it on vinyl and my turntable's been broken
for years), i can't really say what i think the single should (have) be(en).

but i can talk about C.oftheB. The best songs on which were (imho) Girl go
(because of that great sax part at the beginning), Mr. Odd (because of the
backup vocal on the line "from Winnipeg") and my Zepplin, for the guitar solo
and throwback country and western style. The rest is pretty good, except for
Turtle Bait (aeck!)... Panic is predictable. so's sisterdeath.
ohyeah, i liked daycare nation too.
but all in all i thought girlgo was the best choice for a single.
I hated the cover, but i like the cover on the new one.

my two cents.

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