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Date: Fri, 06 Dec 91 11:09:58 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: Let's be fair

Alright folks,

I think that I have been harping just a little too much on what I don't like
about condition blue. Now, for the people who haven't heard it yet, this kind
of sucks because when they listen to it for the first time they will listen for
all the bad stuff that people have been telling them about. So today, I am
to post an incomplete list of things that I love about the rekkerd.

1) The beautiful guitar line on "Girls Say Yes". Especially on the part where
he is singing "She takes you to the movies/she knows that you never ever go".

2) The lyrics on the serious songs. I think that I would toss "Shirley"
and "She's a Yo-Yo" in the same bin as "Line of Death" and "Panic in Room 109".
Except that I do kind of like "Shirley". But the lyrics on "Still and All",
"Racheland" (worship! worship!), "Harlan", and "Gorrilas Say Yes" really do
blow me away.

3) Even the two techno-sampling tunes "Monkeyface" and "Our Friends the Filth"
have a lot going for them. Monkeyface is obviously a continuation of "Basement"
and would do really well as the theme music for a cheesy cold-war spy thriller
set in some third-world country. Our Friends the Filth is like the Black Eg
with a big budget and taken to its logical conclusion. I am starting to really
like some of the tracks on Black Eg, by the way.

4) The music on most of the songs is really good as well. Examples:
When the distorted guitar on "Racheland" kicks in, I get serious chills. And
how at the end the tempo picks up and it turns into a big distorted mess.

And the guitars on "Shirley" are really cool when you are in that kind of mood.
And the more I listen to it, the more I appreciate "Harlan" and the less the
background vocals annoy me.
So what I would suggest is that you buy it, tape the songs that you like, and
then pretend that it is a really awesome ep. And wait for the next one.


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