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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 91 14:17:13 CST
From: BEAULIEU-JOE <beaulieu[at]>
Subject: Trivia

Just had breakfast with the Reverend Botus Whiteblood Fleming (or, as he now
calls himself, Reg Bogus or Vlad the Inhaler, Infamous Boozehound of the East).
He is leaving for Germany on Friday to record KMFDM. And he just recorded
GERARDO! Not Geraldo, GERARDO! You know "RICO SUAVE"! And he left the
master tapes in my apartment for about an hour. I feel so proud.

And I jokingly asked him if GERARDO left his shirt on while he was recording
(in his crappy videos he never wears a shirt). And the answer was no! Martin
said that it was 50 degrees in the studio, and everyone else was wearing their
coats, and this bozo refused to put his shirt on.

Help me with this logical progression-

>From the JBC to KMFDM to GERARDO to ?

Debbie Gibson?
The New Kids on the Block?

Actually, I shouldn't make fun of Martin. It's not like he sought out
GERARDO. Some cool bands also record at his studio. One of these is
"A Tribe Called Quest". Sonic Boom also records with them. But then, so
do Samantha Fox and D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Strange world we
live in.

Beer Swilling Sexist Pig Oprah-Watching Meat-Eating DeerKiller

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