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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 93 13:29:15 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Western Family arrives!

and they are sitting in front of me.

i finally got a copy of the live JBC release entitled
Western Family: the Jazz Butcher conspiracy in America & Canada 1992.

the cover is a nice burnt red and yellow oval logo taken from
the "matchbook cover of my favourite grocery in calgary", western family.
the inside has three photos. one of a tea-cup ride at an amusement park,
the Highlander Hotel (tm) in calgary, and school busses sitting in
front of a naval destroyer. that about covers the bases, i'd say.
the fold-out photo of the JBC shows them sitting on a ledge in front
of a big ship. nick on the right is making a thinking-real-hard face,
pete is just screwing around with something that cant be read in front
of his face. pat looks off into the distance and dooj is wearing the
blonde version of his hair.

da tunes:
* southern mark smith
* shirley
* sister death
* still and all
* pineapple tuesday
* angels
* beautiful snow white hair (fish/kember pierce)
* shes on drugs
* girl go
* shes a yoyo
* racheland
* everbodys talkin (fred neil)
* tugboat captain (galaxy 500)
* over the rainbow (arlen/hamburg)

pat told me that _mr odd_ was dropped due to time considerations.
come on. 14 songs! that's the most in years.

overall its pretty fairly what their set looked like last tour.
the sound? rev botus fleming aka martin stebbing was able to do
wonders with my live tapes. the bass is solid on everything, and i got
the live/board mix mostly ok (but sure would like to try again with
better equipment!). i only had a quick scan, but i would say
that i am pleased with about 2/3 of the quality (in sound). your milage
may vary. the adlib from chicago, _snow white hair_ is a standout,
and is almost a spacemen 3 tune.

the absolute best part... continuing the "groove" notes from LP days,
right around the hole in the CD it says simply: "the floor was slightly wet".

the inside story (re-printed from the jbc-list archives):
> pete's boring dream #3
> "i just walked into the bath after someone had just showered
> and looked at the floor and thought 'its SLIGHTLY wet'.....
> now, see if it had been SOPPING wet it might have been interesting."

our own deerkiller is in the "thanks and respect" column.
(though he has been notably absent here)
(wait.. so has everyone else.. :-)

is anybody out there?
is anybody out ..
is anybo ..
i ..

"you've got to stay at the highlander hotel"

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