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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 93 19:06:44 GMT
From: Sarah Eaglesfield <hs92sse[at]>
Subject: Life, universe, everything!

Dear David,

I wouldn't believe that bunch of pissheads if my life depended on it!
Actually, Nikki isn't a real DRINKER anymore, as a matter of fact he's a
reformed character. Dave, on the other hand is a TOTAL drunken slob -
decent bloke but nevertheless when his dole cheque arrives it is spent on
the alcohol...

Truth is, I only know of Pat cos Dave introduced me at a gig they did together
some while back. Don't really talk to Dave about his music associates.
Just someone I go to the pub with! I suppose I loose the bet... I always
wondered howcome Nikki was so chummy with the likes of Nick Cave, Pete Buck,
Robyn Hitchcock, etc.

Sure, sign me up for the mailing list! I run a fanzine over here in England
and if you like I can print the latest on the jazz butcher in it.. (it's

Oh yeah! I found out about you via ftp

Thanks a lot


Sarah xx

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