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Date: Thu, 4 Mar 93 12:02:59 -0800
From: frendli[at]-remove-cats.UCSC.EDU
Subject: Dave Kusworth

>From hs92sse[at] Thu Mar 4 07:37:07 1993

> Just wondering if any of you USians have heard of my buddies Nikki Sudden
> and Dave Kusworth. They both swear they're famous over there but I won't
> believe em... Nikki's bet me a fiver that you will know who he is.
> Sarah Eaglesfield, Brunel Uni, London!

Well, I have heard of them... I was pretty into a couple of their albums
a while back, but i haven't heard much of their new stuff. They're cool,
sorta dylan-stones esque with sometimes hard to handle dissonance, but,
as a friend of mine once said, "they have all the good feel of the jbc."
or something like that.

I still prefer the jbc.

Speaking of the jbc, sort of, I just got hold of a copy of an old
"Modern Lovers" album. They're the band that originally did roadrunner.
A friend of mine claims he can see butch stealng a lot of mannerisms
or tidbits (you know) from this guy (I forget his name).
* Anyone else heard it? It's from 1973...

That's all for now.


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