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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 93 16:14:57 EST
From: chrisc[at] (Chris Camfield)
Subject: hi folks!

I just joined the list, so I thought I'd introduce myself...

I can't wait for the JBC to tour again! I first heard of them from a
newspaper article - they were playing in a local club (called "Zaphod
Beeblebrox":) There was a $5 entry fee... anyhow in the end I very
stupidly decided not to go *because I thought I might not like them*.
Several months later in HMV I listened to a track or two from Condition
Blue and liked it... then started to collect albums. I still can't
believe I didn't go to that concert!!!! :(

Now I'm a really big fan... I've heard that this list is slow but I
will try to make it otherwise - prepare for lots of mail! :) At
very least, we should try and figure out the lyrics to songs...
I wish they'd stick the lyrics in the liner notes. :(


Chris Camfield (chrisc[at]
* "Bring on the night
* I couldn't stand another hour of daylight" (The Police)

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