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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1993 13:59:45 -0600 (CST)
From: Rick.G.Karr[at] (Rick G. Karr)
Subject: Apocrypha. . . .

Bits of probing questioning for y'all:

1) Though this may not be the appropriate forum, I can't think of a better
* place to ask, especially since there's no
* max-list[at], and no alt.max.eider. So here it
* is: What's become of our Maximillian Theodore, where is he now
* ("Living in East Ham, writing ad slogans for bog roll," was the
* last answer I heard from Pat.), and is he still playing?
* Related topic: Is the band currently barnstorming the Midwest under the
* moniker "The Best Kissers In The World" at all indebted to Max?

2) Does anybody know if "Starpoint Studios in Beautiful Downtown Clapham"
* (From the opening cut of _Bath_In_Bacon_, my copy of which was
* sadly abandoned in said area of London when I was forced to flee
* H.M. Immigration Officers some years ago) is the same as "ReMaximum"
* studios there?
* I suppose this question is for the hard-core only.

3) Is it true that Pat, while studying classics at Oxford, frequently used
* to busk at sunrise in his college Quad? And which college was it?


Rick G. Karr

P.S. Seen posted on a chalkboard in the entrance to Leona's, a friendly
* Chicago Italian eatery:

* We'll be your lunch (sic)
* We'll be you dinner
* You won't go hungry
* You won't grow thinner
* To see you starvin. . . .

Y'all know the rest. . . .

Rick G. Karr

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