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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1993 22:08:34 -0600 (CST)
From: Rick.G.Karr[at] (Rick G. Karr)
Subject: And while I'm at it. . . .

Two more things for y'all to gnosh:

1) There is (was?) a mag here in Chi called _Pure_ that not only seemed
* to have been run by JBC-heads (can we think of a better name for
* ourselves?), but featured lotsa JBC-related material, including
* a tip on when Pat'll be in town to record with the Rev. Botus W.
* Fleming, and an article by Pat hisself. Ennybody know these
* people?

2) More serious: I'm obsessed with the Fall. In fact, one of the great short-
* comings of my current e-mail server is its inability to direct my mail
* to fall-list at E.S.A. somewhere in the Netherlands. Regardless,
* JBC-Fall coincidences never fail to impress. Start with their mutual
* use of Mr Legras' artwork. Then go back to, uhn, 1985, is it?

* "McGinty thought he could fool the Fall
* with his imitation speeds
* but he could not know the psychic nose. . . ."
* (--"Pat-Trip Dispenser," M.E. Smith, et al)

* Pat? Trip dispenser? Surely he couldn't mean. . . ? I asked Pat
* last time he was in town: "Is 'Pat-Trip Dispenser' about you?"
* The cryptic response: "Well, Smith does shout 'McGinty!' at the end. And
* 'Southern Mark Smith' was released the week before." (Or was it
* the week after? I can't remember.)
* So: What's this "McGinty" stuff? Was this two bands slaggign each other
* off on vinyl? Was Pat bonking Brixie? (After all, we all know how
* much he likes American women.) Were he and Smith just havin' fun?
* There's something here. I know it. Anybody have a good NME/MM/Sounds
* file from the time? I suppose it's too much to hope that the UK
* version of Nexis carries those. Sigh.

* Theories solicited. Facts preferred.

Rick G. Karr

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