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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 00:33:14 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: recent news

one of the "jersey posse" spoke with mr fish last week.

the new album is to be titled "Waiting for the love bus",
or somesuch. a few of the songs they recorded last month
will appear as an EP. among the tunes will be "everybody's talkin'"
and "do you wanna dance", both cover versions.

news which i think *sucks*: the JBC have killed yet another geetarist.
pete crouch has tired of the touring thing and has taken a "real" job.
so... alex lee (short guy from the ex-blue aeroplanes) is peter's replacement.

when they tour the US again, the second guitar player will be either
alex lee or richard formby. both very capable, but i think pete
had a hell of a lot of talent.

"they check in and they check out immediately"

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