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Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 11:05:36 BST
From: Matt <m_cockerill[at]>
Subject: Mr Fish plays London (brief report)

To confirm what joe said, the gig was held in a truly tiny venue, crammed with
an audience of about 50 devotees. Pat was completely unaccompanied, just
him, his guitar, and what is evidently his fave effects pedal.

Pat was wandering around the bar during the support acts, muttering "Christ,
I'm nervous. I haven't done this in years." Once he got on stage
though, he seemed pretty relaxed, and was full of sarcastic comments.
He opened up with Girl Go, followed by lots of Condition Blue-esque
new stuff. "Stop whining and play something cheerful, you miserable git," he
chided himself between songs.

And cheerful things were indeed played. As well as
the Cult of the Basement stuff joe mentioned, there was a *brilliant* heartfelt
version of Chickentown (the evening was full of Northampton references). She's
on Drugs was also great, despite Pat's protestations "You're a bunch of soppies
aren't you? There are thousands of bands can play you stuff like that, with
drums and everything."

Altogether the set lasted about 1hr 20mins, and I captured (nearly) all
of it in glorious digital sound (though on the quieter, new numbers, there's
a bit of background chatter going on in the bar - (shock horror))

I spoke to Pat (very) briefly, and asked about plans for the States this
year. He says that if all goes according to plan he'll be over in the fall.
He also mentioned between songs that he'll be at the Edinburgh festival
this year (OK Jim?), but he was speaking French at the time so I
didn't really pick up the details too well.

Full playing order when I've worked it out.


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