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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 93 11:25:46 +0200
From: joe[at] (Joe Nicholson)
Subject: Waiting for the Love Bus

There is a review in this months ``Les Inrockuptibles'' of the new JBC
album. General impression in the review is positive - after several
mediocre albums, this is a ``good'' album, with some catchy tunes
which will hopefully mean more airplay.

<a href="/press/93inrockuptible.html">Here is the translation</a> of the review of the JBC ``Wating for the love
bus'' album. Taken from ``Les Inrockuptibles'', June 1993..

The style of Les Inrockuptibles reviews is a bit arty, using a lot of
words which I never use. Some of the similes are untranslatable!

It Waiting for the love bus available yet? If so, has anyone got it

A bientot


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