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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 93 11:42:38 PDT
From: 6500nag%ucsbuxa[at] (Naggi Asmar)
Subject: fishcoteque

I have always thought that the best 2 records Pat has done are Gentlefolk
and Fishcoteque. They couldn't be more different records, but they both
showed Pat maturing as a song writer. I'm speaking of course of my perception
at the time of their release. We are now very familiar with the "mature"
(more like morose) Pat Fish of the last 2 records. I agree with David Wittmore
that the early records are not as interesting. I can't remember the last time
I gave Scandal or Bath a spin. But I find that I'm always in the mood for
fishcoteque. I also have a soft spot for Best Kisser... I thought it was
a great record when it came out and I still think so. I would not compare it
to any JB records. To me, it's a record by a different band.


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