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Date: 17 Jul 1993 14:34:31 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: cond. blue, tour '92

>what did you think of Condition Blue?

i felt that condition blue was one of jb's better albums, containing some of
the bands finest tunes (shirley maclaine, racheland, girls say yes). i dig the
sampling on "our friends the filth" (what tune is being sampled ?). One of the
tracks "monkeyface" sounds like a cult of the basement outtake. all in all i
found it to be a fine album however it seemed to lack the continuity of cult.
also i thought the cover art was kind of lame.

>did you see them on the 92tour?

* of all the jazz butcher shows i've seen, 1992 made 4, i thought that the most
recent was the best i've witnessed. i saw them at the Roxy in Hollywood, an
excellent venue for this type of show. j.b. played a great selection of songs
including angels, big saturday, pinapple tuesday, falling in love, looking for
lot 49, human jungle, girlfriend, and many more jbc classics.
* the opening band, the black watch, was outstanding. the blue aeroplanes
opened the year before, while i like their music, i must admit a slight
irritation over their 'dancer'. they employ a band member to dance to the
music, that's all he does, no tamborine, no nothing, just dancing.
he kept spraying sweat all over the first few rows of people, i don't need

chris (#55)

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