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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 93 02:35:43 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Broiled Fish

interrupting pat's dinner on satday proved a decent thing.
with cats crawling over him, he mentioned:

o recently, in lisbon, pat played with the blue aeroplanes.
* playing were 3 JBC members - paul, ridney, and pat.
* due to gerard's (the BA's singer) imagined JBMutany,
* the blue aeoplanes have *yet* again broken up.
o Yo-Yo is getting tons of airplay in the states, apparently
* on mainstream stations. he said that Yo-Yo alone tops
* all others combined in worldwide play.
o for those wondering about back catalogue re-issue...
* bitch to Fire Records. they own it. Creation *would* put it
* out, but cannot due to boring business reasons.
o earlier this year, pat was invited to a "Cruise on Lake Ontario
* with Billy Ray Cyrus" by polygram records in canada.
* while billy ray himself never showed up, pat will now have
* no bad-mouthing of the man, because of all the cyrus-paid
* drinks provided. he enjoyed line dancing.
o a french group has asked pat to remix a song he claims
* to be "I will survive" in french. the brothers are intrigued.
o he attended the Velvet Underground show at wembley with David J.
* Luna opened. he had just come from the studio where he and
* Sonic had done a version of Luna's song Indian Summer. Luna
* were playing that song when the got to wembley. pat says
* that that day was one of the most perfect days of his life.
o Mean Fiddler. he was scared, and un-sure of how it would go over.
* it had been awhile since he had performed totally alone.
* he will be doing another Mean Fiddler gig in september.
o the US distributor of the next album (yes, out monday uk-side)
* will be by Tri Star, the sony people. there just might be
* hope for real exposure *finally*.
o touring... portugal is next. probably not a US tour until
* at least november (oh well).

forthcoming: a care package with rebuttals to jbc-list Condition Blue bashing.


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