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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 93 14:56:21 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: ephemere -- antarctic

I picked up "Waiting for the love bus" this lunchtime from Avalanche
Records. I had a hard time convincing them that the product did actually
exist ("But he's only just released a live album"), but once they
relented it was ordered and arrived in 48hours.

Anyway, it's got quite a nice picture of penguins on a frosted glass
chess board on the front and rear of the CD box, and inside there's a
predictable (but naughty) picture by Pascal Legras. Also inside there's
credits, no lyrics, a picture of a bloke sitting on an upturned chair on
a unicycle wearing a hat and some teeny but cryptic heiroglyphics.
Here's the tracklisting:

rosemary davis world of sound
kids in the mall / kaliningrad
killed out
president chang
angel station
rosemary davis world of sound (reprise)

The whole lot clocks in at almost exactly one hour.

The sleeve implies that the jbc on this recording consist only of pat
fish and richard formby. it's produced by richard formby as well (more
on that later). Other musicians credited are: dooj, bass; nick burson,
drums and peter crouch, guitars & voice.

The production is actually quite "raw", almost like they set up a live
PA in the recording studio at times. Whether this is intentional or just
shoddy mastering like what apparently happened to `Western Family' is

anyone's guess. IMHO, it doesn't really suit some of the material, which
- very occasionally - is more like Spacemen 3 than even Spacemen 3 are.
That kind of spaced-out lush drippy stuff deserves a clean, sparse

I will restrain saying what I actually think of the new material on the
basis that nobody else will have any idea what I am talking about at the
moment. Unless you're all sitting there listening to the damn thing
anyway and I'm telling you what you already know, of course. When is it
released in the US?


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