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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 10:58:21 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: ephemere -- antartic

> i *think* he may just have taken offense to your k d lang photo comment :-)

I have independent witnesses! Well OK, some bloke looked over my
shoulder and said "Is that kd lang?".

> the new thing... i would like to know what the general mood
> is these days.

muscially, it varies pretty much as we'd expect from the quiet lush stuff
("rd world of sound") to the relatively rockin' ("killed out") just as
CotB flits between "Girl Go" and "Room 109".

I don't think it's sarcastic at all. "penguins" is quite rude about
penguins but I'm not a penguin so I don't take offence. It's less
sarcastic than CondBlue is cynical (which CB is a bit).

I reckon it's a damn cheerful record, actually. whaddya?, sweetwater and
ghosts are all blissfully optimistic in one way or another and they bouy
the rest of the album up. Yea, even unto the crap song.


Admit it, though, it does make him look a *bit* like kd lang....

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