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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 93 14:20:20 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: did I miss my stop?

> superb.

maybe. certainly the closest to superb he's been for a long time.

I (too) was impressed by the fact that the album wasn't swimming
with guest musicians (like Cond Blue was). That is, it was a band
recording this rather than Pat in the studio with everyone he knew
who could play an instrument.... and then some.

> with exactly 3 exceptions:
> bakersfield, killed out, and president chang, which
> (to me) are all the panic in room 109 thing.

my three exceptions are: kids in the mall / kaliningrad, president
chang and *maybe* baltic

the first two just wash right over me. I listen to both of them
wondering when the next song is going to start. Baltic's OK,
actually, but it's a real downer for some reason.

three notes:

> whaddya?
I'm in love with that "pingggg" noise. It's hard to sing a sound
effect to yourself all day but, well, I'm trying.

> rosemary davis world of sound
> angel station

Very spacemenny... the first line of "angel station" sounds like a
straight lift off-of a track whose name i can't remember on 'Playing
with Fire', doesn't it?

If "angel station" is a come back tune, which is likely (!) then
it's a zillion times better than the come back album. They're
splendid songs, both.

> ben
any clue what the hell this is about?

> at the first listen, i was unprepared for the apparent change in
> overall mood.

it's hardly "sarcastic" though, is it? I dunno if it has a fixed
kind of mood. Like CondBlue was, for better or for worse, an kinda
one-track emotional record. (*) WFTLB is a disparate collection of
moods, including the aforementioned "come back" track. At least some
of it's *cheerful* at last.

In a charitable mood, I'd say that this is a welcome return to form
with, it has to be said, the good bits of the last couple'o'albums
as well... so better than ever, perhaps? Uncharitably, it's as good
as I could possibly expect.

> navels arent naughty!

Scots puritanical upbringing. I didn't know navels existed until I
was 21 and allowed to visit the National Gallery to have a Rubens
explained to me.


(*) Condition Blue complaint moved out of main text for reasons of
* repetition and relevance. This is my last word on the subject
* for... oooh... a week or so.

Of course we don't blame Pat for making Condition Blue like he did
or when he did. Hell's teeth, I'd probably do the same. The question
is, though, whether cathartic emotional snarly wall climbing records
are best released to the general public or used in a final poetic
gesture of defiance and snipped into little pieces and thrown into a
river. I'm on the "snip into little pieces" ticket, as you may have

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