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Date: 28 Jul 1993 11:43:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: busload

i wouldn't go that far but i will say prettydamngood.

> rosemary davis world of sound
* i like this one alright but why the reprise ?

> whaddya?
* i really don't like the spacey synth sound on this but otherwise its
* a nice tune

> sweetwater
* this has a true 70's love bus type feeling - the 1st verse reminds
* me of vu's sweet jane.

> ghosts
> another singles candidate. with a catchy my bloody
> valentine sample and good sing-along chorus.
* nice guitar solo too - good ear on that sample.

> killed out
* i dig this tune - great bass line

> penguins
> or rather, pineapple penguins. same chord progression
> as pineapple tuesday, but with lyrics suited to much
> earlier albums. this one will be fun live.
* this one leaves me humming "been there done that" too

> president chang
* eh, this one's a little weak - stick to the uk politics

> angel station
* nice song, nice

* baltic
* i like this one the best. got kind of a gothic feel to it

* ben
* what the hell is this song about ????

>at the first listen, i was unprepared for the apparent change in overall mood.
* neither was i but after a couple of spins i really began to dig it.


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