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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 15:38:43 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: JBC-list Introduction

> Question 1:
> What's the deal with the butcher's catalog? I'm assuming they're all
> out-of-print since it's rare to find anything pre-Fishcotheque. I once heard
> that Sky Records was going to pick them up, but I also heard that Pat wasn't
> all-over the idea of having them re-released.

well, at least from the jbc-list, the interest is there.
fire records owns the back catalogue, convince them to re-release.

> Question 2:
> What are the "Black Eg" and "Western Family" all about. Are they just EPs,
> re-mixes, etc.? Do they contain any new material?

western family is a live disc from the 92north american tour.
it has some worthwhile moments. there are 4 tunes not available
elsewhere, 3 of them covers.

black eg... well, it is an album, and it is all new material..

> Question 3:
> Is there a new studio album in the works?

yup. "Waiting for the love bus" on creation has been out for a month or so.
it is a nice cross of distressed gentlefolk and fishcotheque, i think.
and it could be massive.

> And is the Butch still w/Sky records?

nope. nice people, but they dont know how to promote!
pat goes mainstream with EPIC for the new album.
lets hope there can finally be some decent promotion ferghodsake.


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