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Date: Wed, 1 Sep 93 16:44:55 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Radio Sessions / Production Notes

> Dierdra O'Donahue does a show in Santa Monica on the PBS
> station KCRW called SNAP. She also does a show on 91X in
> San Diego called Snap Judgements.

He's done stuff for her show before. On the Creation
compliation "Pensioners on Ecstasy" and "American Pensioners
on Ecstasy" (sp?) which contain some fine rare/unreleased
Creation oddities, there are a couple of tracks recorded for
Diedrie O'Donahue: Mr Odd on PoE and Girl Go on APoE (or was
it "She's on Drugs"? I don't know).

A supplementary question to make this worth sending is whether
anyone has any idea of what a list of Pat's production credits
might be. I know he produced the 1st (and only?) 13 Frightened
Girls EP (which is v.good, incidentally).

Anyway, I picked up a 12" by a band called "Love Kittens" for
only 49p in Tower Records, Glasgow recently and I have since
had a vague feeling that Pat has produced material for them as
well. Any clues about this, anyone?

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