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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1993 21:15:24 -0400
From: Christopher Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: (no subject)

First of all, I have to say that I love used record stores. Some crazy folks
(no, not crazy, stupid!) keep selling off their old JBC vinyls that I
would never have found otherwise, and they're cheap to boot! I managed
to collect the first three albums, the Hamburg recording, and Conspiracy,
all at nice cheap prices, and finally got to listen to them at the end of
the summer since I don't have a record player but my parents do. Enough
blather... time for some more specific blather, I suppose

Bath of Bacon - the first side almost put me to sleep. "Gloop Jiving Jazz
Butcher Theme" didn't impress, and neither did the original Partytime. I
much prefer the version on Bloody Nonsense - where's it from? Was it
* The second side is so much better! Zombie Love is sicko, Grey Flanellette
is great! I could never figure out the lyrics for it on Spooky... Does anyone
have the lyrics to La Mer? Something about having fun on a beach, and
elephants. Bath of Bacon, also insane.

A Scandal In Bohemia - finally, I got to hear Soul Happy Hour! not
really listening the first time I heard Just Like Betty Page (btw who
the heck is/was Betty Page?) ... "what the HECK?" ... listens more closely...
oh my!! Didn't quite expect this song! *grin*

Sex And Travel - I'd already heard Big Saturday & Reagan's BDay Present.
Good overall, odd as usual. :)

Hamburg - a lot of fun... nice inside slip with lyrics (!!) and a cool photo
collage (though that's not news to those of you who have it). Does Count
Dracula or Death Dentist ever get played these days? I've gotta request
one of them if/when I finally get to a JB show, especially if they haven't :)

Anyone have comments? What are your favourite songs from the earlier albums?

Someone tell the manager that chicken is sick!

Christopher Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
* "Real men, real men from hell..." (The Jazz Butcher)

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