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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 93 11:24:16 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Powerhaus Gig

Phew, Rock'n'Roll.

Left work 5pm Thursday, rushed to the airport, caught the 6pm flight,
experienced usual dilemma about whether to drink *both* gin and tonics
on the plane or to save one 'til later (as it turns out, the beer at
the Powerhaus is terrible so I should have done), but after drinking
two I was more relaxed and thus better able to cope with discovering
that there were no trains from Heathrow to central london that night
due to "a passenger placing themselves under a train" at Hounslow West
(obviously not a JBC fan). Correction: there was only one train that
evening. Rushed through the crowds, onto the train, up to King's
Cross, along Pentonville Road, past Angel Station (fact fans!) to the
Powerhaus. Collapsed exhausted.

Support Bands: The Divided. Not bad actually, they had a loyal crowd.
Heavy bass lines, rocky toons, sort of a cheerful The The. With more
hair. Second Support were crap I have forgotten their name but they
obviously listen to far too much Dave Kusworth for their own good.

The amended set list. The order is rough because some git stole my pen
while I was at the bar so I couldn't write it down until I got back
home. Anyway, these *are* the songs:

* The Basement
> She's a Yo-Yo
> Bakersfield
> Ghosts
> Mr Odd
* SweetWater
* Killed Out
> Sister Death
> Racheland
> Shirley Maclaine
> She's on Drugs
* Girl Go
> President Chang
> Angels
> Caroline Wheeler

The band was: Pat, Alex Lee, Paul Mulreany and Dooj

Pat tried his best to justify Condition Blue to me but I was taking no
prisoners. That said, Racheland (live) was a cracker, I have to admit.
The other surprise of the evening was "President Chang" which rocked!
Really very good live and I totally revise my opinion of it song-wise.

It's been a long time since I last saw him live, and I have to say
that it was really very good indeed. I would start looking forward to
the US tour now, if I were you.


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