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Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 04:34:12 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Big Planet..

you know...
i give Big Planet Scarey Planet a spin about once a year,
and tonight, locked in my office with a deadline bearing
down on me, it REALLY fits the bill.

when pat said:
* A curious record. If you actually put it on and play it then it's
* pretty smart; it's just that I never really seem to WANT to put it on.

to some extent he is right.
the production ala john rivers, just isnt *right* for this
sample-laden album. for one, there is just too much reverb,
particularily on the drums.

i hadnt paid attention to it before but:
* We were all aware
* that music was changing, and, more out of interest than out of any
* spurious "career" concern, we wanted to see where we could take our
* pop songs using things like breakdowns, the mixing in of "found"
* voices...

wow. yeah. very few of the tunes are in the typical butcher structure,
and there are changes where you wouldnt expect them.
i wonder how much that laurence (the bass player) had to do with it?
it seems that the unconventional changes are most obvious when
paying attention to the fretless that laurence played.

i always liked 2 or 3 of the tunes, but now i think i will
give it chances more often.

the John Cale/"special guests" (thats what the NME said, anyway) gig
is coming up. those in attendance may run into martin stebbing if
they are unlucky enough..


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