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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 16:53:58 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Further Dispatches from the Deep Wold

> you know...
> i give Big Planet Scarey Planet a spin about once a year,
> and tonight, locked in my office with a deadline bearing
> down on me, it REALLY fits the bill.

ohmigod I know that feeling.

I always thought that the trouble with BPSP was that is was an album
without a mood. Y'know, you can think of a time when most records will
be played. Condition Blue, for instance, would be best played when you
are sitting in alone at night with a bottle of whisky and you're
getting divorced (for instance). Fishcotheque is that happy find: an
album that fits a particular mood exactly when you didn't realise there
was a need for it. In this case, Fishcotheque is a waking up with a
slight hangover on Sunday morning and it's frosty outside and I think
I'll nip out and buy a newspaper but not yet because it's warm here in
bed record. Honest, it is.

But BPSP just isn't anything very much. They experiment with structure
and so on so you just get a collection of (feisty) songs (some good)
but there's no theme or coherence to it and I just don't really want to
ever play it. "Hysteria" is quite a good record to play if your back is
itching and you can't reach round to scratch it, but only because it's
such a bastard annoying song that you forget about the itch.

That aside, individual sngs are all good and it's hard to pick out the
outstanding tracks.

Moodwise, perhaps ineffectual rage at circumstances you can't
control (qv deadlines bearing down) is the best I can give it. I
will go away, get ineffectually annoyed at something (should be
quite easy at the moment, the government being what it is) and come
back to you on this.

What the hell do I know? I just had half an hour to kill so I thought
I'd burble away to the void.

My Top Ten Least Liked Jazz Butcher Songs:

#1 Hysteria.
#2 - #10 Condition Blue.

Obscure Jazz Butcher Sightings:

#1 Viz: the "adult" comic, whilst detestable, has one strip by
* D.Jones (any relation?) where the main character has been
* known to wear a "Peter Lorre is a Brick" slogan on his
* T Shirt.

#2 TV: UK viewers know the prudential ads. In one of these, some
* bloke forgets to put the handbrake on and his car rolls
* down a hill (Voiceover: "I wish I was wrong." Implication:
* "I wish I had been insured with Prudential"). Anyway, he
* should bleedin' well cheer up because his car rolled past
* a poster advertising the now legendary Jazz Butcher / Robyn
* Hitchcock / Woodentops gig. He could probably still get
* tickets if he hurries.

> the John Cale/"special guests" (thats what the NME said, anyway) gig
> is coming up.

best of luck Pat! I will be staying in and listening to records that
suit "being in a supportive mood".

Curiousity has got the better of me. The back of Edward's Closet
credits the cover photography to, amoungst others, Dave Whittemore.
Which one(s) did you snap?


g-g-good cheesecake

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