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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 11:33:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Stewart Evans <stewarte[at]>
Subject: CD Dreams?

->From: Glen Davis <davisg[at]-remove-BCC.ORST.EDU>

->I have been searching the music stores that I have phone #'s for in Canada and
->the US for a CD copy of The Gift of Music (I think it was released in 1986
->on CD, according to a JB discography I got somewhere). Can someone tell
->me, am I wasteing my time? I know its now longer in print in the US but
->does anyone know where I might find a copy? Or how about the Bloody
->Nonsense collection; was it ever released on CD (I think its still
->availabe on tape).

I have Gift of Music on a Glass CD, but rumor has it that Glass went
belly-up a few years ago, and the total absence of their product from
record stores would seem to confirm that. I've never seen it as a
domestic US release.

Bloody Nonsense has suffered the same fate -- it was released by Big Time,
who have definitely gone under. I've never seen it on CD, to the best
of my knowledge it was never released in that format.

I guess your best bet is haunting used CD stores for The Gift of Music...
good luck!

"All the wrong notes are right."
* -- Charles Ives, to his music copyist
/* stewarte[at] is Stewart Evans in Santa Cruz, CA */

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