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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 15:53:35 GMT
From: joe[at] (Joe Nicholson)
Subject: La Mer

I have just been on a well earned holiday for 6 weeks, so this is why
these responses are a bit late....

Thanks for the translation of ``La Mer'' for the non Francophones
(French speakers). Seeing as you managed to translate all of the song,
I was suprised that you stumbled on the first line:

> La mer viens ? ? (can anyone tell me the end of this line?)

Viens -> comes (verb venir, irregular of course)

Having moved back to England, I got a subscription to the excellent
``Les Inrockuptilbles'' from which I have already sent a few postings.
When you subscribed, you get one of their current special compilation
CD's. The thing which swayed me into subscribing was the fact that the
JBC features on the CD with ``Rosemary Davis world of sound''. Other
bands featured include: American Music Club, BMX Bandits, Boo Radleys,
Divine Comedy, Red House Painters, Teenage Fan Club plus a collection
of French artists (Jean-Louis Murat, Silvian Vanot, etc.). I haven't
had a good hard listen to it but it sounds pretty good.

I seem to recall from postings a few months ago that people didn't
like Rosemary Davis. Having bought Waiting for the Love Bus, I think
it is one of my favorite tracks on it - the sort of track you end up
humming in the bath. I actually bought WFTLB in Australia (HMV). In my
many hours spent loitering in record shops, most had some JBC
material. I even saw a copy of Fishcoteque in a Virgin store.
Unfortunately, I didn't buy it as I had already placed an order at
another record shop who assurred me that it was in stock at their
distributors and I could get it in a week. After two weeks it hadn't
turn up, I didn't have time to go back to Virgin and I had to fly out.
Next time I will just buy it, even if I end up buying two copies!

A plus


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