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Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1993 15:27:23 EST
From: David Cake <davidc[at]>
Subject: JBC in Australia

> No idea about the Australian release of "Shirley Maclaine", I'm afraid I
> haven't seen or heard the new album. There is one record shop in Hobart where
> you can get "non-US-influenced-mainstream" records; they had a section marked
> Jazz Butcher which only contained one second-hand copy of "Distressed
> Gentlefolk". The hunt continues shortly in Melbourne and Auckland...
Hmm. I have seen most JBC stuff in shops here in small town Perth (the most
isolated city in the world). Including Condition Blue, recent singles, and the
Australian release of Shirley Maclaine (on a nifty little EP with Shes on Drugs
and a few others). Older stuff, however, is very hard to find.
* If you are having trouble, talk directly to the distributors, Shock!,
who are in Melbourne. I'm sure they will at least be happy to tell you of a
record shop that wil order from them.
* Cheers
* Dave

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