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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 16:37:37 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: catching up

i thought it was curious that i hadnt heard the familiar
mail "beep" for a couple days. that *other* blue window on
my screen had its machine go down and i didnt notice.

> edwardc[at]
>> Watch for Pete on short haul European Blue Aeroplane flights
> short haul *British Airways* flights!

tell me you wouldnt have made the same typo, ed?
it was in CAPS and everything, so my brain froze up.

> Jim.Davies[at]
> Whoa. He's back. Pat on stage. With Dave Cavanagh, someone says? Not
> the journalist from Select? Not the 17th guitarist in the Blue Aeroplanes?

nope. twas richard formby.

> After sound thrashing of cocaine aristocracy, Pat retreats. Throws down
> telecaster. Bass flung after it. Feedback. Mr Cavanagh, if it is he,
> carefully places guitar in flight case and walks.
* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
* |
this should have been your clue.
as pat put it "richard has more respect for his instrument
than us NON musicians".

btw, jim, pat says your review was spot-on, although he wished
our dear readers to know that more of the few hundreds in attendance
than you suggested enjoyed the show too.

> bj835[at]-remove-cleveland.Freenet.Edu
> There were rumors on this list a while back that the new CD
> would be distributed by a major label.

damn. no idea. i keep forgetting to ask.
it does seem like its about time for it to happen
since the thing has been out for months now..

> Travis[at]
> What is the newest album by the Jazz Butcher?

1993 CD CREATION CRECD156 Waiting For The Love Bus
* Rosemary Davis World Of Sound, Bakersfield,
* Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad, Whaddya?, SweetWater, Ghosts, Baltic,
* Killed Out, Ben, Penguins, President Chang, Angel Station,
* Rosemary Davis World Of Sound (Reprise)
as alex[at] noted, the bigger black version
does not have the final track as the CD does.

> Has something been released in Britain?

see above. i hear that there is a german single release
of the tune "sweetwater". alex? check if this has any
extra tracks and then send us all copies.

> Glen Davis <davisg[at]-remove-BCC.ORST.EDU>
> Because I'd like to get JB vs PM and Partytime on CD. Can someone suggest
> the best alternative to getting them both on the same CD

a CD burner? may be a bit expensive, though.
actually, the original Partytime comes on the (ever-so-hard-to-get)
Bath Of Bacon CD and the (even-more-rare-than-that-SPEX#6-flexi)
Unconditional CD promo.

> which compilation still in print is the best

Bloody Nonsense -v- The Gift of Music -v- The Gift of Music II.

Bloody Nonsense and The Gift of Music II are *similar*, but
Gift II contains some less hard tunes like Olof Palme, Vienna Song,
City Of Night, etc. Bloody Nonsense is more straight forward
for us attention-lacking 'merkans.
if you ever see the vinyl of Gift II - CHECK INSIDE.
thats the only place you are likely to find the freebie
7" which contains May I, Over You, Speedy Gonzalez and
Knocking On Heavens Door.

The Gift of Music - the first one, is a different animal.
i find this disc to be rawer, and the David J influence is in full-effect.

would there be any interest for making available a compilation
of these old "strange" tunes? there are probably 20 or so tunes
which only appeared on b-sides.

> Stewart Evans <stewarte[at]-remove-sco.COM>
> but rumor has it that Glass went belly-up a few years ago

fact. same with BigTime. this man has had little luck with labels.
or promotion. creation seems solid at least.

sort-of news:
* o apparently touring is done with until early february.
* there is one planned christmastime gig in northampton.
* o their (latest, ex) drummer nick burson is blissfully
* married in the arctic canaidjun tundra (well, toronto),
* and it sounds like he is happiest there.
* (i wonder if richard found it insulting to have to play
* along with a drummachine at the last gig?)


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