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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 11:32:06 GMT
From: J.W.Davies[at] (Jim Davies)
Subject: *I bought Western Family*

Recorded by David. Kicker conspiracy from the JBC. Cut out and keep
photos to help you recognise those onstage. Buy this album and avoid
those embarrassing memory lapses. Amaze your friends with your new-found
powers of concentration.

Great album. Pity about the sound. All the music is there, but the
feeling doesn't come. Unless you're drinking tequila and cooking mexican
food. With the CD on a blaster. On the kitchen table.

Try it.

Without the tequila, it will still sound okay. If you've never seen the
JBC in action. If you've never frugged yourself stupid to she's on drugs
or caroline wheeler. If you've never felt your heart stop during angels.
If you don't know what sounds this band can make.

Still and all, the man is spot on. It's a souvenir.

It's not a t-shirt from Disneyland. It's not a plastic beaker from the
civil war museum at Gettysburg. It's a postcard that you never sent,
stuffed in the pocket of your suitcase coming back from Portugal. It's a
memory of a night out in Gothenburg, in the rain.

Buy it.


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