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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 93 15:30:02 GMT
From: Edward Carter <edwardc[at]>
Subject: Western Family..... etc.

> Great album. Pity about the sound. All the music is there, but the
* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is it? Aside from the well-worn problems with the sound, is it a fair
reflection of the JBC live experience on the road 1992/3? Like, how do
the Western Family tracklist and yer actual live-experience setlist
compare? I ask curiously, from a "didn't get to see JBC for AGES and am
beginning to feel a little left out in a sort of 'Early 1990s: the
wilderness years' kind of way" standpoint.

> feeling doesn't come. Unless you're drinking tequila and cooking mexican
> food. With the CD on a blaster. On the kitchen table.

OK. I tried gin, tortilla chips and my flatmates extra-big stereo but
it still sounded like they were singing into tin cans connected to v e
r y l o n g pieces of string with a dusty old reel-to-reel recording
it all at the other end. Kinda stunted my appreciation.

> > short haul *British Airways* flights!
> tell me you wouldnt have made the same typo, ed?

oh indeedy! it's only through massive indirection that I found this one
out. Wouldn't be too surprised to discover him doing Blue Aeroplanes
flights as well, though.

> would there be any interest for making available a compilation of these
> old "strange" tunes? there are probably 20 or so tunes which only
> appeared on b-sides.

In my humble opinion, this is probably the best idea that anyone has
had about anything in quite a long while. How much does it cost to
master a CD? :*)

> But I wanted to say that *if* the Love Bus takes too long to arrive in the
> States, we can buy up all the copies in the Thames valley and send them
> across.

Hey! Up here, there are THREE copies in central Edinburgh alone. And
someone has just bought the last remaining copy of Western Family from
HMV. If you drain central/southern England dry of Butch-product,
there's a mini-glut of the stuff up here.

> I'm lost in Windsor Davies' world of sound.



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