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Date: Tue, 7 Dec 93 18:17:45 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: B-sides / Videos

> David A Whittemore wrote:
> would there be any interest for making available a compilation of these
> old "strange" tunes? there are probably 20 or so tunes which only
> appeared on b-sides.

Well, yes. I'm not interested in the common or garden JBproduct. I want the
bizarre, the unrepeatable, the downright peculiar! The stuff that put the
eccentric in "Eccentric English Pop". The stuff that would never see the
light of day again. Hell, I'll buy the man some beer if he thinks he's
missing out on royalties but, like the man (Christopher) said:

> Let's face it, in
> the past (and hopefully this will change), availability of JB albums and
> singles really stinks.

You can still find old butch product lying about in the UK if you're lucky,
but it's fading fast. "Hamburg" is still being distributed, I think... or
it was last January... which is a year ago, I spose.

> I've never seen a JB video, for that matter!

I have. Nerr. Actually, what is the grand total of video-butch? I've got a
video for Spooky on a Creation compilation and I've seen a creaky old video
for Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula which was in the unlikely middle of
the "Blood on the cats" compilation, nestling amoungst West Midlands
Rockabilly and old Birthday Party covers by bands you've never heard of.
I know there's also a video for Girl Go on *another* creation video
compilation but I've never seen it and it's long gone from the shops by now.

So I ask: do we have a `videography'? Both Spooky and JBmCD were
astoundingly fun, being Butch and band running about and having a laff as
far as I can tell. Very cheap, too.

"Cosy Doctors In your House"


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