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Date: Wed, 8 Dec 93 10:13:45 -0500
From: bj835[at] (Tim Connors)
Subject: Western Family..... etc.

Wow, sign me up for one of those b-sides tapes! I'd be more
than willing to pay, trade, tape, or send blank tapes in
exchange... Also I can go from DAT to cassette so if I can be
of any assistance in executing a tape tree let me know.

Would it be possible to post a proposed track list for comment/
modification etc. before the actual taping? Also, I have all
the old LPs on vinyl through _DG'folk_. If there are CDs of
these older things, how about including any bonus tracks, since
the CDs are now virtually impossible to find? (I know the CD
of Gift1 has extras, for example....

Those of us with less access than you to old Butchiana will be
eternally grateful, Dave!

TJC "Surprisingly tasty..."
* The Jazz Butcher ("JB v. Prime Minister")

Internet: bj835[at]

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