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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 93 11:59:49 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: I keep

trying with far too little oil
* dated: Wed, 08 Dec 1993 11:56:18 EST

that subject line just appeared! I haven't got a clue where from. Very spooky.

> better yet - if someone has tunes they feel MUST be on it
> let me know, ok? and soon. this will happen frantically
> this weekend.

That mysterious Christmas flexi-single: "Christmas with the Pygmies" (?
I've lost my discography) is a must.

If you get a chance to do track listing labels for the cassettes, make
sure you call the tape "Sinful Beat".

Which reminds me. I was listening to the Von Dämmerung brothers last
night and curious about the samples. I know they got some from Pat but
there's this one sample, obviously from an ansaphone, that goes:

"...and I've phoned up several times in the past, but I've been so
thrown by the sound of your voice... that I've had to put the phone
straight down."

Does Pat have.... (gasp) a STALKER?????


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